I write music because I feel that I have a need; I share itĀ because I feelĀ that I have a duty. My hope is that by sharing my music and the stories behind it, I can help people become aware of a fact that is so essential it's often overlooked: you are not alone. Writing music helps me make sense of my experience of the world and of myself, and I have found that much of that experience is universal.

My Story

I've been singing since before I could speak; I've been playing music for over twenty years, writings songs for fifteen, and composing music (film and theatre) for five. I've always had a love for writing music but I never had much interest in sharing it with other people until I learned the joy of performance. Even then, performance was a selfish habit, a way to demonstrate skill and feed my own ego. Then my grandfather died after a long and painful time spent in hospice care. I've never written a song so quickly. And I really, really didn't want to share it. But I did. It felt too important not to share. And for the first time in my life, I was able to reach someone - one person who had never met me or heard my music, at a small coffeeshop in LA - who came after the show to tell me that someone she loved was dying, and that song had provided her some comfort in an incredibly difficult time.
And I understood what that meant.

The Work

I approach music the way that all creative professionals approach their art: it's work. It takes time, effort, organization, resources, and people. And, as with all creative professionals, it's hard to value the work in an environment that is indifferent, if not hostile, toward the idea that there is value in art, just because that value is not easily quantified or monetized. I have seen art save lives, including my own. I believe in its power to effect positive change in the lives of artists and audience alike. But it doesn't work if we're not both invested in it.

Where You Come In

I want to help you tell your story. I want you to hear the stories of other people, from all walks of life, because I want you to understand that their lives resonate with yours. I want you to feel empowered to share your story with me, and with the world, so that it can reach somebody in a time of need. I want your voice to be heard. I want you to know that you are not alone.