First Impressions (live in studio)

About This Song

I've been leaning heavily into playing and writing for the electric guitar, which led me to the idea of looping. I've seen and heard a lot of artists doing the solo looping thing but it never felt right to me as an area to explore - at least, not while I was focusing on acoustic guitar and songwriting. But I got the simplest, most limited looper I could find, to keep the learning curve as shallow as possible (it's the TC Electronics Ditto, in case you want to try your hand at it). The idea to start beatboxing came pretty soon thereafter, as well as some of the vocal harmonizing. Takes me back to my a cappella days.

The song itself is an old one (from 2009), and it's one I've always felt a strong connection to, but I rarely played it at shows. It never felt complete to me. Rewriting it for electric and adding the other vocal elements has been a challenging process, but it's helped me rediscover my love for this song, eight years later.

The video was recorded at my home studio, featuring artwork by my wife, Whitney, and a t-shirt designed by my friend, Tammy Zhu.

Court Hoang - electric guitar, voice

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