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This song was one of the last songs written for Compass Rose, but it made sense to me as the first track. I felt that I had left a question hanging in the air at the end of Taking Sides by ending with “Imprint,” and I wanted Compass Rose to start with a question in the hopes of answering it by the end of the album. The song is thematically influenced by some of Leonard Cohen’s work, particularly his fiction writing.
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This song was written in early 2012 while I was living in Austin, TX. It's a strange mixture of hope and regret, for me. Regret at the time spent putting your faith in something that can't or won't support you; hope that there's something better, something real. In many of the songs I write, there's a sort of desperation that starts to come through - you know what the problem is, but it's not enough to just know it. This might be my favorite from Compass Rose.

Court Hoang - acoustic guitar, voice
Devin Anderson - drums
Luke Lindemann - piano
Matt Meli - organ

Photo Credit: Simon Wijers

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